Why SW2Legal

Whois SW2Legal-Nathalie Salibian-Waltz

Hi, I’m Natha­lie. If you have an online busi­ness in Ger­ma­ny or are plan­ning an exci­ting and upco­m­ing (online) busi­ness pro­ject in Ger­ma­ny and/or the EU, or if you are just con­fu­sed about the legal “To Do’s” of Online Mar­ke­ting, GDPR, licen­sing and/or need legal gui­d­ance on Social Media here in Ger­ma­ny and in the EU, you pro­bab­ly want to know a bit more about me and why I am the right busi­ness lawy­er to help you with the legals.

I used to work as a busi­ness lawy­er at one of the the Top 5 ran­king law firm world­wi­de advi­sing mul­ti-natio­nals, pri­va­te equi­ty and other ven­tures in ban­king and capi­tal mar­kets tran­sac­tions, but sin­ce Janu­a­ry 2009 I have focu­sed (and lear­ned) exclu­si­ve­ly on hel­ping small busi­ness owners pro­tect and grow their tra­de and/or ser­vices in Ger­ma­ny and/or the EU. I am also an Eng­lish soli­ci­tor, I qua­li­fied in Lon­don and advi­se small Ger­man or Eng­lish com­pa­nies with (online and off­line) busi­ness cross-bor­der in the con­text of their busi­ness and on busi­ness issu­es that are important to them and their busi­ness.

I have sup­por­ted and hel­ped many cli­ents tur­ning their visi­on into rea­li­ty and here is why my cli­ents love SW2Legal.

First, I have a bre­adth of expe­ri­ence and know what legal issu­es are important to small enter­pri­ses. An “entre­pre­neur” mys­elf sin­ce 2009 I under­stand the plea­su­res and advan­ta­ges as well as the gro­wing pains and chal­len­ges a small busi­ness faces and thus know the core values of a star­ting and gro­wing a busi­ness.

Second, I am pas­sio­na­te about your rights. Right away, I want you to feel wel­co­me and at ease. I am not intimi­da­ting- unless it’s in court or the other side of a nego­tia­ting table. Then I am fier­ce about pro­tec­ting your busi­ness’ inte­rests.

Third, I under­stand the impor­t­ance of clo­se com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on. Your legal repre­sen­ta­ti­on is one of the most mea­ning­ful you can have. When a cli­ent faces a legal issue, they want a lawy­er they can call any time. That’s me.

I have even deve­lo­ped hand-on, free­ly avail­ab­le online gui­d­ance around the lega­li­ties regar­ding social media mar­ke­ting and online busi­ness which we have been publis­hed via my insta­gram chan­nel @nathalie.salibianwaltz and is avail­ab­le 24/7 for cli­ents for con­ti­nued expert infor­ma­ti­on.

To be a for­ce of posi­ti­ve chan­ge in the prac­ti­ce of law is SW2Legal’s mis­si­on. I am dedi­ca­ted to inte­gri­ty, trans­pa­ren­cy, swift, incisi­ve repre­sen­ta­ti­on, and cli­ent satis­fac­tion.

If you are loo­king for one to one legal con­sul­ta­ti­on, get in touch by com­ple­ting the con­ta­ct form  or send me an E‑Mail  You will find my hour­ly rate rea­son­ab­le and com­pe­ti­ti­ve with other law firms of my size and expe­ri­ence. The key word here is rea­son­ab­le: I want you to be able to afford the expert help you need.