Why SW2Legal

Whois SW2Legal-Nathalie Salibian-Waltz

Hi, I’m Nathalie Salibian-Waltz and if you are in business in Germany or an English business owner or planning an exciting and upcoming (online) business project in Germany and/or the EU, or if you are just confused about the legal “To Do’s” of Online Marketing, GDPR, Franchising and/or need legal guidance on Social Media Campaigns here in Germany and the EU, you probably want to know a bit more about me and why I am the right business lawyer to help you with the legals.
I used to work as a business lawyer at one of the the Top 5 ranking law firm worldwide advising multi-nationals, private equity and other ventures in banking and capital markets transactions, but since January 2009 I have focused (and learned) exclusively on helping small business owners protect and grow their trade and/or services in Germany and/or the EU. I am also an English solicitor, I qualified in London and advise small German or English companies with (online and offline) business cross-border in the context of their business and on business issues that are important to them and their business.
I have supported and helped many clients turning their vision into reality and here is why my clients love SW2Legal.
First, I have a breadth of experience and know what legal issues are important to small enterprises. An “entrepreneur” myself since 2009 I understand the pleasures and advantages as well as the growing pains and challenges a small business faces and thus know the core values of a starting and growing a business.
Second, I am passionate about your rights. Right away, I want you to feel welcome and at ease. I am not intimidating- unless it’s in court or the other side of a negotiating table. Then I am fierce about protecting your business’ interests.
Third, I understand the importance of close communication. Your legal representation is one of the most meaningful you can have. When a client faces a legal issue, they want a lawyer they can call any time. That’s me.
I have even developed hand-on, freely available online guidance around the legalities regarding “the making of” a social media campaign and the start of an online business which we will publish via our social channels soon and will be available 24/7 for clients for continued expert information.
To be a force of positive change in the practice of law is SW2Legal’s mission.
I am dedicated to integrity, transparency, swift, incisive representation, and client satisfaction.
I usually do one to one legal consultation. If you have a business project, do get in touch by completing the contact form and outlining the advice you require.
My fees are fair. I pride myself on providing my clients exceptional “big firm” results for a reasonable “small firm” price. I am flexible. Your fee arrangement will depend on the amount of help you need- I will follow up your message via our contact form with information on a menu of service packages and flat-fee arrangements available to you. That’s another reason why my clients love SW2Legal: They have a clear understanding of the value I deliver on their behalf.
You will also find my hourly rate reasonable and competitive with other law firms of my size and experience. The key word here is reasonable: I want you to be able to afford the expert help you need.